Automated separate waste collection

Imagine that in our yards, instead of a pile of trash cans with unsightly contents and smells, there is a stylish robot that automatically sorts garbage itself using an artificial intelligence (AI) system. Cool, isn't it? And this is not fantasy, but our very near future. ECOBOT will accept all ordinary garbage in any form and pre-sort it by itself into main groups. In appearance, the robot will look like a rectangular container closed on all sides, and in size it will look like an average container platform for collecting garbage. ECOBOT will be able to reduce waste disposal costs, quickly and profitably implement a separate collection system, prevent access by unauthorized persons to dump waste into containers, and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of recycled materials. Currently, we are in the active stage of developing the robot and are carrying out patent protection for the development in the Russian Federation and the United States.

If you are a resident who cares about the ecology of your city, purchase useful goods in the form of our branded soft and hard containers for separate collection, because most of the money from the purchase goes to the development of the ECOBOT robot.

If you are a business: a management company for an apartment building or a regional operator for the removal of municipal waste, or an enterprise in the course of which a lot of household waste is generated - leave a request for a pre-order of the ECOBOT robot.