Get a container — help assemble the ЕСОВОТ robot

Funds from each purchased container are used to develop a robot for automated separate waste collection. You can order one or at once a set of four containers for different types of secondary raw materials. You can pay the cost of containers, or you can pay more at your discretion - then we can assemble the robot even faster. We will test the robot in the most active yard. Everyone who orders containers from ЕСОВОТ gets the opportunity to receive a service from us for the removal of secondary raw materials.


ECOBOT is a start-up developing a robot that allows organizing automated separate collection of household waste.

We at ЕСОВОТ believe in freedom of choice as the main value of the modern world. We make the complex and time-consuming process of separate waste collection simple and fast with the help of high technology. We want people all over the world to devote more time to themselves, and have a choice: continue to separate waste manually or transfer this routine, but very important task to our robot.

We are all different, but we all generate waste without exception. So why not be a service that solves the problem of separate waste collection - automatically, without coercion.